Van Gogh at Tate Britain

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the works of an artist you like in real life. I don't think I've ever seen a real life Van Gogh. If I did, I wasn't old enough or wise enough to truly appreciate it. Tate Britain currently have a Van Gogh and Britain exhibition which runs until 11th August 2019. It's a must see.

The exhibition starts off with Van Goghs early life in Britain where he spent three years here between 1873 and 1876. The thing I find most fascinating and relatable is that he only started painting at the age of twenty seven. He also didn't really know what he wanted to be before this time and did many different jobs before following his artistic path.

His very early artistic works were very influenced by other British artists. You can see this shine through in early works where there isn't much colour and features a lot of long rows of trees and solitary figures in roads. There was a period of time when his works were influenced by Japanese prints, this comes through in bold mark making that later solidifies his unique style.

After Van Gogh moved to Paris to be with his brother, Theo, he began to paint a new painting every day. In the 8 years that he was an artist, he created over 2,000 beautiful paintings. He was also afflicted with serious mental illness and created a lot of works when he was in a hospital for this affliction - Saint-Paul de Mausole Hospital in Saint-Remy.

Vincent Van Gogh has a very special way of using colour. His paintings have a vibrancy that can't be seen unless viewing in real life. You can see layers and layers of bright colour in each of his paintings and it really is a sight to behold.

If you go to see this exhibition, let me know your thoughts. It's truly wonderful!