Caran D'Ache Neocolor ii

These are some Watersoluble Wax Oil Pastels. It sounds like it's too many things. Caran D'Ache have previously made Neocolor l which is a permanent wax oil pastel and have since developed it to be watersolouble - hence this one. As a watercolour fan and experimenter, I thought I would see what they were actually all about.

They come in a huge 84 range of colours but I bought the pack of 10 because they are quite pricey. The colours in the set of 10 are very standard but have a wonderful vibrancy.

The colours are very easy to move when they are wet. It's a good sign of the quality you can expect from Caran D'Ache. Due to the nature of the pigments, some move much easier than others (scarlet) . You can see a very mild granulation in the green, blue and purple.

The colour mix well when dry and even better when wet. As you can see above the colours move easily when wet and will run into each other. I'm excited about testing this further.

The pastels move well when placed on wet too and create lovely texture.

You can create beautiful rainbow effects by mixing colours on a palette and then picking them up with your brush. This can add a whole new dimension to your art works and it's a super fun technique.

I love these and look forward to experimenting with them more. Any tips for me?