Run Wild: My Custom Paint Tin

I love watercolours. I used to be really scared of them and I think that it's such a hard medium to use properly. Recently, I've been trying to get better at using them and I'm definitely feeling more comfortable, but let's not try to create masterpieces yet.

Journalling on the go has been something that I've seen other people do and I really admire them for being able to. For me, journalling is an at home, relaxing, do it neatly sort of thing. The furthest I venture is to the living room. Water brush pens have been perfect for this. While browsing on Instagram I've seen people with super cute travelling tins of watercolours and I've been wanting my own for ages but I just haven't found the right tin. Cue Paperchase sale! I found a really nice sized tin inside a bigger tin and it's perfect for what I need it for! Then I spent my lunch break at London Graphic Centre and bought all the things. And now look at how cute my paint tin is, and it has colours that I'll actually use.

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