Life Planner

If you've ever been into a kikki.K you will know that they create products which are designed to help you to live your best life. I have a lot of these product and have found them really useful in determining where I am in my life and where I plan to be. Over Christmas I picked up this Life Planner because I thought that it would help me to organise my 2017 so that it was the most successful year. 

A lot of what kikki.K focuses on is Value based. If you know what your own internal Core Values are, it's so much easier to get to where you truly want to be. So the Life Planner start with this. By highlighting your core values, you'll know what is most important to you, so you can surround yourself with people who share similar values and engage in activities that will help you to live them.

Once you have your Values in the bag, you can start focusing on other aspects of your Life to determine if the things that you're doing will help you to achieve the things that make up your values.

This book encourages you to do more of the things that you love. By making these things a priority in your life, you'll be happier and in turn more enthusiastic and energetic about things you do.

This was as far as I got with the Life Planner but I'm really looking forward to filling in the rest of it. There are categorised pages that focus on things like Health, Finance, Career and Relationships. By filling these in you essentially audit where your life is at now and then see how much of what you do now is contributing to those Core Values that essentially make up you. Anything that isn't in line with this is something that you can work towards changing.

The most important thing I've gathered from this Life Planner is that you need to live every day with intention. Having a clear and focused plan and proper end Goals in sight, you won't waste your days away. Do all the things on your list. Have a clear intention. Just start!

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