2016 Bullet Journal Compendium

2016 was a bit of an experimenting year. I didn't feel like any of the setups really worked I tried so many different things. It was really fun but there's also no continuity, which I'm not sure I like. When I look back on the things I did, 2016 will be all over the place or non existent in some places.

Then I discovered this thing called Bullet Journalling. The planner nerd in me felt like I needed to try it out and make it work for me. All the photos I had seen on Instagram were motivating me. People on there had created the most beautiful layouts and all of them were different. The thing about Bullet Journalling is that you can customise it to work explicitly for you. So here is how my Bullet Journal Adventure went.

I used a Leuchtturm1917 soft cover dot grid journal for my Bullet Journalling. It gave me the ability to draw straight lines without being obtrusive. I love a dot grid! I tried to keep up with the index but never really did. This was as far as I got and I actually used it until December. 

It was the most satisfying thing drawing out these yearly calendars. This was probably the thing I was most looking forward to. Watching other people do it and seeing their layouts, there was something soothing about it. I admit I was a little bit stressed that I would make a mistake so I removed all distractions! I got there in the end. 

I used my beautiful Kaweco Sport Skyline to write in my journal and so glad that the paper could handle the ink. Sure, there's a little bit of ghosting but it's not enough to annoy me and I liked the feel of the fountain pen on the paper. 

So here are the rest of my pages. A trusty to quote to begin: (I think I used a PITT Artist Brush Pen for this) 

I first created a monthly layout so that I could use this for future planning for the month because I would only be drawing out my layouts each week. I used the other side of the page to create a dashboard of things I needed to achieve that month, habits I needed to track etc.

My first week was so busy and I really enjoyed this layout. I wanted to be sure to have a section on Gratitude because I think it's so important to be thankful for the little things. I also really tried to track my eating or meal plan at the start of the week. I think this plan was a little bit short-lived!

The first week was very monochrome so I decided to add in some colour in the next weeks. I am also part of the Lilac and Dot design team so it was the perfect opportunity to show off how you could use these stickers in all situations, not just a standard planner. 

Some habits were more successful than others. I still don't think I've done reading every day. Working on it!

Then I felt it was time to create a six month plan and envision my life in six months time. Writing the future down in the present makes it more achievable and more likely to be a reality so that's what I did. Also, another quote to keep me going. 

I suppose another thing I really love about the Bullet Journal is you can create whatever pages are necessary for you. I created a Wishlist because I also forget the things I want. 

My Bullet Journal helped me to create a event planner for one of my favourite moments of 2016. A UKPA Happiness Workshop that lots of beautiful ladies attended. 

Then I decided to change up the weekly layout because I needed more writing space. I got rid of the full page weekly dashboard type page and stopped tracking habits. This worked better for me because I needed the space. 

It was getting closer to the busiest time of the year and I kept needed to plan things in the future but felt really stuck about how I was going to do that when I was doing this on a weekly basis. I decided to then create a set of monthly layouts to take me to the end of the year. They worked amazingly well and I was grateful to be able to future plan!

At the time of doing these and thinking that I would be Bullet Journalling into 2017 as well. I had planned to do a full year of monthly layouts like this before I started my weekly ones.

This week saw the return of Gratitude because I felt it was necessary to write it down instead of just thinking it.

This week I got myself a Silhouette Portrait and tried to make my own day stickers! They were only semi-successful.

That is the end of the Bullet Journal Journey for now. I'm pretty set for 2017 if you've seen my 2017 Planner Set Up post. I think I will return to Bullet Journalling at some point and I'm glad I tried it. I recommend everyone to try it because it could be the winning planner way for you!

Sticker Shops I've used:
Lilac and Dot
Little Rainbow Moon 
Managing Mischief
Isabelle the Owl
Strawberry Lime Designs
Suzy Stick It! 

Other Supplies:
Tombow Brush Pens
Kaweco Sport Skyline
kikki.K Thrive Compendium

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