Passion Workbook

Instagram is literally my favourite social media. There's so many really talented people and it's like a small tribe of wonderfully creative people supporting each other in their creative business ventures. I've come across so many Girl Bosses who are rocking everything and doing what they love. One such lady is Wita from DoodleDo. I've been following her on Design Is Yay where she posts beautifully bright stationery filled photos most with her own design. This Passion Workbook has become something she created out of a passion and is helping other people to discover their passions.

Life Planner

If you've ever been into a kikki.K you will know that they create products which are designed to help you to live your best life. I have a lot of these product and have found them really useful in determining where I am in my life and where I plan to be. Over Christmas I picked up this Life Planner because I thought that it would help me to organise my 2017 so that it was the most successful year. 

2016 Bullet Journal Compendium

2016 was a bit of an experimenting year. I didn't feel like any of the setups really worked I tried so many different things. It was really fun but there's also no continuity, which I'm not sure I like. When I look back on the things I did, 2016 will be all over the place or non existent in some places.

Run Wild: My Custom Paint Tin

I love watercolours. I used to be really scared of them and I think that it's such a hard medium to use properly. Recently, I've been trying to get better at using them and I'm definitely feeling more comfortable, but let's not try to create masterpieces yet.

2017 Planner Set Up

What better way to start off this New Year blog revamp than with my 2017 Planner Set Up. Last year, I was using an A5 kikki.K Compendium with a Leuchtturm1917 inside it which I made into a Bullet Journal. I'll do a flip through of this on another post. This year I've decided to move back into A5 rings and I'm using a super shiny Copper kikki.K Planner. It is a beauty!

I'm using Organise with Katie inserts as I've been waiting for her to offer Printed ones. I have previously used her Printables and I just really love the design of them. This year I am fully prepared with her Printed inserts. I bought her monthly and weekly ones.