Pocket Letter: Summer Swap

I've been bitten by the pocket letter bug!! It's totally consumed me. I want to spend all my time making these for beautiful people out there. This particular pocket letter was for a lady on a Facebook group where there are themed swaps. The theme for this one was summmerrr! I had such fun making it, and when I was doing it the weather was so gloomy so it was making me feel happier!

If you haven't heard of pocket letters before, they're essentially pockets filled with goodies and a letter, usually set out in this 3x3 grid. People have made really pretty ones! This is the second one I've made and I've included things like washi tape, paper clips, ephemera, labels etc.

I also try to include a letter, a bit about me and some quotes. 

It's just so fun putting it all together, from cutting the cards to finding things to put it in it. Since making this one, I've been trying to do loads more! I'll show them to you as I go along! 

Kat has received this one and has told me she loves it, which will always make me happy! Are you into pocket letters? Would you like to swap?

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