Filofax Finsbury Set Up

If you follow me on Instagram, you've no doubt seen my new Filofax Pocket Raspberry Finsbury. If you haven't, be prepared for the beauty that is about to come your way. I recently bought this from Staples UK where it was retailing in store at £49.99. Online at Staples, for the exact same product, it was retailing at £14.99. When I went into store I told them this, much to the assistants disbelief. He checked and then did have to price match for me. I left the store feeling amazing, because this bargain was out of this world!

In real life, it's such a beautiful colour and it feels gorgeous. I didn't really think that I'd love a Finsbury so much but out of all the Filo's I've set up and had, this one is my favourite so far! How strange is that!

At first I wasn't really sure what dividers I was going to use because I didn't have any papers which matched this colour. Then I spotted this shiny and craft paper that you can see in the photo, and the purple in there went so well. It was perfect. The gold looked really nice with the planner too, so I decided I was going to use gold. The next thing I decided was that the colour of the planner wasn't wholly purple, there were bits of red and bits of pink so the paper for the dividers was sorted!

The sections I have in this planner, are the things I need to have close at hand. There are my weeklies, which consist of week on two pages, which I make and print for my self.

A blog section, where I write ideas for upcoming posts. Currently this is just on note paper, but when I have more time, I'll be making proper inserts for this section and also the mail section. At the moment my mail section only has stamps and note paper saying what letters I need to write. This isn't very helpful because I often forget when things arrive and when they were posted, so I need to make inserts for that.

I think this is probably the best set up of a Filofax I have. Although it's still a work in progress. As I make it better, I'll be sure to show you guys. Also, how perf does my Vintage Gold Papermate Pen look in there?

Have you fallen in love yet?


  1. Oh it's gorgeous!

  2. Wow I love what you have done ....mine looks so plain in comparison.
    I'm trying to set it up as a Travel / Holiday planner but I don't know where to start?

  3. I'm so glad I finally found someone who shares the same enthusiasm about the pocket finsbury in raspberry!
    It's just so nhandy and takes up only a little bit of space in my handbag. Almost everyone at work is overwhelmed when I get it out to schedule my upcoming week, it's ridiculous "Oh my! How much do you fit in there?!"

    I also tried to use it as a wallet (some Americans manage to do this) but I still need to figure out a solution for the coins... I thought about sewing a little coin purse as a dashboard-thingie, because I dont like the idea of using a modified plastic envelope with a side zipper or something like this... you may ask "why would anyone use their planner as a wallet?" I am always afraid of getting my wallet stolen, it happened to a few friends of me so I thought "nobody would ever steal a planner!"

    Greetings from Germany and a sorry for mistakes...

  4. I have the A5 Finsbury in blue. This colour was my first choice though! The leather is so beautiful and still 2 I think maybe 3 years on its still lovely. Absolutely LOVE your layout xx