Filofax Pretties: My Weeks 19, 21, 22

Week 20 was in my Compact Pennybridge and I didn't love it so I can't show you! Can you believe I'm a fully blown pocket lady now?! I love it!

My Lost Mojo

Hello everyone,

Apologies to all! I've been MIA. I lost my blogging mojo so I haven't really been here. It's been hard because I've been wanting to be here and been wanting to show all of you things, but I just couldn't. I either didn't have time because I was busy doing stuff for my shop or because I was just procrastinating so much.

I haven't used my camera in forever and I really miss it. I want to take pretty photos and I want to show you guys what I'm upto and tell you about things I'm doing. I used to be so into photography. I found some of my old photos the other day and I thought 'Wow..did I take that?' I want to be into photography again. Even though I don't really take arty photos any more, when I use my camera to show things to you guys, I get a sense of it back and I actually love it.

I'm going to try so much harder to get this blog back on track. I am proud of the things that are already on this blog and I want to share even more with you.