My Fauxdori Adventure

I don't exactly know why, but people who like stationery are never fully satiated with the things they have. They see something new and fancy and they NEEED it! I'm exactly like this and that's why I have several Filofaxes, a Kikki.K, a Hobonichi, a countless number of pens. I still need more! And that leads me to my next stationery fuelled adventure...The Midori! Ooooh Ahhhh!

If you don't know what a Midori is, let me break it down for you.

Pic courtesy of Midori Travelers Notebook site 

In Japan, this brand known as Midori made a new sort of notebook. It features a leather outer and has notebooks which are held in by elastic and rubber bands. The idea of the Traveler's Notebook is that it's a highly customisable way to keep memories. You travel, your notebook travels. You change, your notebook changes. Once one adventure is done, you can remove the notebook with no hassle and add in a new one that can be taken on a new adventure! It's a really clever idea.

Midori did a good thing. They showed people how easy it was to have an interchangeable notebook system. From these Traveler's Notebooks spawned a countless number of Fauxdoris. Add that word to your dictionary ladies and gents! They're everywhere.

Basically you can make your own, it's so simple and there are people all over making their own take of the Midori. People still buy them from the reputable sellers, because sometimes you need the real deal, but there's also an overwhelming sense of achievement making one for yourself. So that's what I did.

After watching a bajillion YouTube tutorials and looking at a bajillion more pictures of Fauxdori's, I decided that I would make one. I researched different types of leathers and finally decided to get a pre cut piece of leather from Leather4Craft, this made my life a lot easier. Then I assembled my tools and got cracking.

For a while I kind of knew what I wanted my Dori to be. I was leaning towards a space/night time themed one so I went for dark blue leather. I still wanted it to be girly so I decided on lilac elastic. The elastic is so cheap on eBay and you can find any colour you wish!

Essentially when making your Dori, all you need to do is mark the middle and then cut the holes for them. There's actually several ways to do this. This handy tool down here is a hole punch for card, fabric, leather etc. It's rather industrial and works just great for the holes you need to make at the top and bottom. However, I encountered a small problem when trying to do the middle hole. My brain just did not think about it. I ended up having to awkwardly push the punch into the leather and my poor hands didn't like it so I had to get my dad to help me. So much for being independent! In future, I would suggest getting a straight punch and a hammer, videos showed that to be the best way of doing it.

Once your holes are made, it's just a matter of finishing touches, like cutting rounded corners and adding charms. To make the rounded edges I would suggest using a small coin and a craft knife, but press the knife around instead of dragging it. This will give it a cleaner edge. Then you're ready to thread your elastic through!

As you can see from these photos the leather looks a bit worn and scratched. That's all part of it! But to make it look a little bit less weathered, I moisturised it with my standard body moisturiser and it came out looking great, like it had a new lease of life!

In a few posts time, I'll be showing you how to make the notebooks for your Dori. Please do checkout all the tutorials and videos out there. They are so helpful! At the end of it all you could have your own special notebook that will last forever!

Here are some of my favourite channels that cover everything you need to have your own Fauxdori!


  1. It came out amazing Joey :)

  2. It looks fab! I've been thinking about making my own fauxdoris too but have to find the right type of leather first.

  3. The charms are beautiful. I love my red fauxdori but the blue and lilac is so lovely!

  4. Cutting around a coin is genius! It looks great!