Spring Collection Filofax Domino Patent

I'm sure by now, you planner addicts have checked out the new Filofax Spring Collection. If you haven't get to it! There are lots of beauties demanding to be bought! I have had such a debacle in finding the perfect Pocket planner for myself. I came so close many times only to be let down at the last minute. 

Originally, I wanted a Zipped Pocket Malden because they are so beautiful and I liked the idea of a zipped planner. They look so nice. Unfortunately my TKMaxx didn't ever have any of these bargains so I missed out big time. Then I looked towards a cheaper alternative and fell in love with pictures of a Zipped Pocket Pennybridge in Raspberry. Then I saw them on SpeedyHen and I was elated with the price, so I ordered one, apparently the last one left in stock. When they went to select it, they found it was damaged so put my order on back order and assured me that I would be sent one when the new stock came in. This didn't happen and then I was told I would get one of the next batch and then that didn't happen either, so I cancelled my order and got a full refund. Then someone was selling a Pocket Aqua Saffiano at a bargain price, so I scooped that up, but it got lost in the mail. I really was having no luck at all! I gave up for a while, but then when I saw that Filofax had released their new range, I went to have a look and saw this beautiful planner that just couldn't be left behind.

I know that Domino Patent's are easily scratched so I made this cover for it when I had a spare evening. The fabric goes with it so well and I like the way it turned out!

The colour of it is so nice and the feel of it! I'm a big fan of the Domino Patent as I already have the A5 in Pink, so when I saw this one I was immediately drawn to it. A good price and a good planner. The first thing I did was make dividers for it and after getting an order to make top tab dividers, I fell in love so made my one top tab ones too!

This is how this week is looking. There'll be more posts on my week, later in the week!

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