Etsy Haul

I bought this stuff in January so don't judge me! My no spend February is still going really well!
Thank you to CharlottesWeb86 for having such a cool shop, with lots things that I wanted and for being speedy with delivery!

I picked up Pocket page markers, a pocket dashboard, some more skinny washi because I'm running out and some space pens because how could I not!

Look at how pretty these look in my planner!


  1. Those pens!!! So you & completely stunning!

  2. The pens are gorgeous! Do they write well? Love your other choices too. I'm so addicted to stationary but then never use it because I just like to stare at it :P Victoria xx

    1. They write really skinny but well! It seems to make my handwriting neat! I have sooo much stationery that I just look at! Thanks for commenting. I've checked out your blog and I like it!