Hobonichi February

I can't tell you guys how much I'm enjoying my Hobonichi, it just gives me something to do, and a place to get things down. It's a way of experimenting and trying things, but also for letting me have an outlet for creativity.

My Weeks 8/52 and 9/52

I think I've started to get into the hang of how I would like my Pocket inserts to be decorated. I was originally struggling with the lack of decorating space but it's all good now. Here are weeks 8 and 9 because I forgot about blogging for a while! Oops! 

Week 9 is lovely and matching with my dashboard! I love this polka dot tape!


One of my friends is getting married and we all decided to opt for the less traditional hen do. Instead of going all crazy we decided to have a tea party at Choccywoccydoodah in London. It was amazing. There was chocolate in any way imaginable. I would seriously recommend going just for the hot chocolate. 

My Week 7/52

I tried not to be extra lovely dovey this week!

Hobonichi February Part 1

So far this month has been a not very artistic one. There is a lot more writing on these pages than in my January pages. The first half doesn't even have any painting because I just haven't had the time to sit down and do painting. I bought my Faber Castell brush pens and they've been a bit help in making things look pretty with minimal effort. 

My favourite parts so far are the painted quote pages. I'll probably be doing more of those. Hooray for actually writing quotes in this month! 

I want to try some journalling prompts but there are so many out there. What are you guys using for your journals? Please feel free to share any good ones with me!

Etsy Haul

I bought this stuff in January so don't judge me! My no spend February is still going really well!
Thank you to CharlottesWeb86 for having such a cool shop, with lots things that I wanted and for being speedy with delivery!

My Washi Collection

I probably have more washi than sense, but I can't help it! I love them all! 

Wasiela Noor Stationery

Alhamdullilah, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway by the talented Wasiela Noor (@wasielanoor on IG). The gifts are so beautiful and I'm so pleased to own pieces of her work. They will soon be available on sale when she launches her shop, so you'll be able to get your hands on your own prints and stationery!

My Week 6/52

It's the first week in my Pocket Domino Patent! I had to rustle up some inserts for it because I'm too used to printing inserts to go back to using the Filofax ones. I just can't deal with that shoddy paper and they're too busy for my liking. 

Hobonichi Sticker Savers

You may remember from my initial Hobonichi post, I told you that I was going to tell you more about the sticker savers, so here I am! 

These are thin transparent films which are repositionably sticky on one side. This is so that you can attach them to a page in your notebook or planner and then put stickers on top of it that you're likely to use, instead of keeping the whole sticker sheet in your planner. 

What you do is remove the film to reveal the sticky side and then stick it wherever you'd like. If you make a mistake, it's no problem because you can just lift it off again and place it somewhere new! 

Spring Collection Filofax Domino Patent

I'm sure by now, you planner addicts have checked out the new Filofax Spring Collection. If you haven't get to it! There are lots of beauties demanding to be bought! I have had such a debacle in finding the perfect Pocket planner for myself. I came so close many times only to be let down at the last minute. 

Originally, I wanted a Zipped Pocket Malden because they are so beautiful and I liked the idea of a zipped planner. They look so nice. Unfortunately my TKMaxx didn't ever have any of these bargains so I missed out big time. Then I looked towards a cheaper alternative and fell in love with pictures of a Zipped Pocket Pennybridge in Raspberry. Then I saw them on SpeedyHen and I was elated with the price, so I ordered one, apparently the last one left in stock. When they went to select it, they found it was damaged so put my order on back order and assured me that I would be sent one when the new stock came in. This didn't happen and then I was told I would get one of the next batch and then that didn't happen either, so I cancelled my order and got a full refund. Then someone was selling a Pocket Aqua Saffiano at a bargain price, so I scooped that up, but it got lost in the mail. I really was having no luck at all! I gave up for a while, but then when I saw that Filofax had released their new range, I went to have a look and saw this beautiful planner that just couldn't be left behind.

Hobonichi January

I've been having fun with painting in my Hobonichi, but I don't feel I have the time to really do what I want to do. For the moment, I'm testing out painting techniques and trying to get comfy. I like the outcome of some of these things and I'd like to share them with you.

This was my first and probably my favourite painting I did. It is a sunrise to show new beginnings- the New Year and my new journal! I followed a tutorial which I found on YouTube (here), but mine is nowhere near as good as theirs. I still love mine a lot!

My Week 5/52

This week was a bit simpler. I've been trying to get my orders done and managed the ones that I scheduled, and more have been coming in! I really need to get my bum in gear and get to it! 
This weekend was a really lazy one, we watched a lot of films, but we had good times. 

My Week 4/52

Woah, how has so much time passed by already? I thought I posted these already but apparently not!