My Week 3/52

Something happened this week. My planner is never this girly! This week is sooo pink, it's unreal. I keep telling myself that I don't even like pink but I must do because the majority of my washi tape is pink. My room is pink. My bed is pink. I must love it!

A little inspirational quote!

I think this floral washi at the top of the page is my favourite. It just goes so well with lots of other tapes.

I don't know how I feel about Into the Woods. I think I have the same kind of feelings about it as I do about the colour pink! I liked it, but I'm not sure if I really did! How can this be? It made me laugh a lot and it had an excellent cast.

How awesome are these sticky notes which I bagged on sale from Accesorize. They are my new favourites so they're being used ALL the time!

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