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Cult Pens Haul: Artline, Pilot Petit

For as long as I live, and for as long as Cult Pens lives (which I hope will be forever), they will forever be my go to pen supplier. Their customer service is incomparable and they have such a huge collection of pens that you seldom need to go anywhere else.

This little haul features lots of black refills for my Pilot Coleto because the black ones seem to go so quickly but they write soo nicely. There's also a pencil refill and a baby pink refill. The baby pink one is so much better than the other pink that they stock.

I also ordered two new drawing pens. I usually use the Uni-pin fine liners but I thought I would give these Artline ones a go. They were on a 'Buy one, get one free' offer so how could I resist!

And lastly, I bought a Pilot Petit3. Pilot Petit come in three different kinds, a fountain pen, a sign pen and a fude/brush pen. This one is the brush pen and I've fallen in love with it!

They are so cute and really are petite! I decided to go for a pink one. Can you tell I love pink?

There is really good line variation with it and the nib doesn't feel as stiff as other brush pens I've used. The flow is smoooth and really nice!

Ugh! Look at that line variation! And you can see just how small it is. Such a cute size for keeping in your bag. I may possibly be buying all of these!

Filofax Pretties: My Weeks 19, 21, 22

Week 20 was in my Compact Pennybridge and I didn't love it so I can't show you! Can you believe I'm a fully blown pocket lady now?! I love it!

My Lost Mojo

Hello everyone,

Apologies to all! I've been MIA. I lost my blogging mojo so I haven't really been here. It's been hard because I've been wanting to be here and been wanting to show all of you things, but I just couldn't. I either didn't have time because I was busy doing stuff for my shop or because I was just procrastinating so much.

I haven't used my camera in forever and I really miss it. I want to take pretty photos and I want to show you guys what I'm upto and tell you about things I'm doing. I used to be so into photography. I found some of my old photos the other day and I thought 'Wow..did I take that?' I want to be into photography again. Even though I don't really take arty photos any more, when I use my camera to show things to you guys, I get a sense of it back and I actually love it.

I'm going to try so much harder to get this blog back on track. I am proud of the things that are already on this blog and I want to share even more with you.

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