SoJoey Loves: Ladybird Likes

You guys know that I get excited by mail that isn't a bill or a flyer. I get excited by letters from friends and things I've bought for myself. This here package is something I bought for myself so I was expecting it to just be the thing I ordered (the amazingly sparkly wooden bow tie). Instead, I found it filled with all these excellently awesome things. It felt so personal and I'm not sure if it's from a friend or just something I bought! I love it all and this is why it's so good to shop small. The experience is so much better than buying from a big store. It feels like this is specially for you, like no one else matters. 

An inpsiring 'Dream big' badge. I will! This is helping to fuel my dreams for the coming years. Onwards and upwards people.

Thank you notes are always beautiful and personal and amazing for that extra touch. Can't go wrong with polka dots either!

Hand stamps hellos are one of my favourite things!

And the piece de resistance! I can't get over how sparkly this is and it is perfect for making any outfit look a million times more awesome. I've been wearing it on my clothes, on my scarf, in my hair. It is so versatile and I love it so much!

Thanks so much Ladybird Likes. Her slogan is 'Making nice things for nice people'. It should be 'A nice person making nice things for nice people'.

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  1. Simply beautiful! I will have to check her out x