Mockingjay Premiere

I obviously should have done this post about 3 weeks ago but I've been very busy recently and haven't sat down with my in a long time. I'm about to get all caught up and then not procrastinate. The first of my recent adventures that I'd like to tell you about is the Mockingjay premiere.

Last year you may remember my post about the Catching Fire Premiere. We had such fun, we decided to go the Mockingjay one this year! It was also quite a huge success even though I was so worried that it wouldn't be.

Initially it felt quite organised. We got given wrist band and got told that we only needed to be back at around 11am to get put into number order. The whole getting into number order thing was a bit crazy, but in the end it worked out alright. Then we got put into the pens and the location of us was quite far away from the cinema. I was so worried that we wouldn't get any autographs or pictures being where we were.

Thankfully some of the stars walked all the way down to where we were standing and it was so nice of them to take the time to walk all the way down!

Julianne Moore was soooo nice. She chatted to me for a bit and asked if she should sign my picture (it was of Katniss) I wanted everyone to sign it and when I told her that she was like "Okay!" and signed it!

Liam beautiful heartbreaker. As you can see, he was right next to me and was about to sign my picture when he just turned and went to the other side. Gahhh! If he had signed it, that would have been everyone I wanted!

Can we all talk about how nice Sam Claflin is? He took sooo much time to oblige fans, taking selfies, signing things and being genuinely awesome. I had mad love for him after seeing him. And dimples for days yo!

Flawlessly beautiful Jennifer Lawrence who signs like a cheetah just moving up the line sooo quickly!

And lastly Josh who is so lovely, but I think he still wasn't feeling great. He was very quiet.

You and me both awesome sign maker.

We had a really good day even though these days we find it hard to stand for so long! Going again next year to get that signature for Liam (even though he signed my DVD case last year)

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