Kikki.K Large Mint Planner: Thoughts

If you're a follower on Instagram, you must have seen all the delicious Mint planner that were released for a limited run by Kikki.K. The first time I ever saw one, I literally gasped because the colour was perfect and I knew that I needed it in my life. I've been religiously stalking the Kikki.K page and then finally it came up (after a few months) and I had to get it!

It was a whole big process that I probably won't repeat again. The actual checking out process is not so bad, but the customs you get hit with when it gets to the UK is a big deal. You end up paying so much extra that it ends up not really being worth it. The bad things aside, here it is in all it's lovely minty glory!

It was really well packaged. It came in quite a large box, which was maybe unnecessary (would've made customs less!) It also had big bubble things to protect it. When I opened the box the planner was wrapped in tissue paper and I also like it when things are wrapped in tissue paper!

Today is a good day! It is because I have my long wanted planner!

Mmmm! The colour is just beautiful! I don't know if these pictures do it justice but it's still so pretty. The texture of it is wonderful and it feels like a sturdy and quality product. The leather feels high quality.

This I'm Unique note just explains that the planners will all be different due to the nature of the leather. I prefer things to be unique! The Today pad that comes with it is perfect for quick list glances. 

I always worry with planner that have the pop stud, that it'll be loose and will feel fragile. I didn't need to worry about that here! It's a nice sturdy one and the little gold K detail is fabulous!

There are only 3 marked tabs and 4 unmarked ones so you can make your planner yours. It also comes with 3 pages of stickers that you can use for the unmarked tabs or to even create your own. There's also stickers for appointments and such and also bullet points and marking for lists. They must know that us planner people just love to make lists!

So I should probably note that the thing I like a lot is that this comes with A LOT of paper. There's an undated monthly planner for 18 months, meeting notes, to do lists and a countless number of notes pages. If I was a uni this planner would be so perfect because I could just use this in lectures.

Pen loop! I've just got to find a pen that will match it nicely! Any excuse for pen shopping!

 The rings are quite large, the same size as the Filofax A5 ones. They were safe, with no gaps and they're nice and sturdy. When I first tried to open it, it was a bit stiff but better stiff that loose eh? I think it will be fine.

That's everything I love about the planner! Now...although it has many goods. There are also a couple of things I'm unsure about. At first when handling the paper, I thought it was really thin, Filofax thin. And we all know how I feel about that. It just makes writing with different pens so much harder. So I did a little pen test with all my favourite pens.

I was thinking this is going well. There's no bleed across the page and it's writing quite smoothly. I like it! And then turned the page over for fear of bleed through and....

There wasn't any!! I was pleasantly pleased. Thank you for being better than Filofax paper. It would have been such a waste if it bled through!!

The only other thing I didn't like was that the personal information page is printed on the back of a calendar page. I like to keep those two things separately. If you're going to have this much paper in it anyway, why not just have a separate personal information sheet. Ya know?

All in all though, I love it very very much! I look forward to setting it up and making it mine. It's inspiring me to do lots of things and organise! Do you guys have a Kikki.K? What do you think of yours? Will you always have a soft spot for Filofax like me?


  1. Excellent review and it looks like such a wonderful planner. I've been drooling over all the photos on IG and Pinterest. Although the hubby has agreed to get me a new planner for Christmas, I'm still a bit undecided between the Kikki.K or an A5 Filofax. Decisions, decisions...

    1. I hope this helps you towards your decision a bit! What Filofax were you thinking of going for if you went in that direction? I have an A5 Domino Patent Filofax which I also really love. While they both feel different, I love the way they feel! I think the only thing that would deter me from Kikki.K purchases in the future, is the whole customs ordeal! If they have a UK shop at some point soon, I will be so poor! Hahaha!

    2. I am honestly so fickle minded! Initially I thought of trying out an Erin Condren planner but I prefer the flexibility of open rings. I'm not sure if the new Filofaxes have arrived here yet but I'm hoping to get either an Original or Calipso. I wouldn't mind a Saffiano too. I've just ordered a couple of cheaper "Korean" style planners from China and am keeping my fingers crossed that they arrive. If I'm happy with those, I may just skip getting another expensive planner altogether!

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