Filofax Pretties: Week 45

It's making me a little bit nervous how quickly time is going! I cant believe we're on Week 45 already.

I took these photos before I did the things on my list! Don't worry, they're ticked off now!
I love my Compact, so much handier to have in my handbag than my personal!


  1. Oh, I just need to ask... what inserts do you use? That forest friends washi tape is adorable! I like my compact patent but it gets stained too easily (I have one in Lemon... the light, bright yellow). I still use it if I'm out the whole day. I thought of just leaving it at home but what's the point of having a compact if not to take it with you?

    1. Hi Lyn! These inserts are ones I've made myself. If you look a few posts back, they're there for download for November and December if you want to try them out. When I first got my Compact I put it in my bag because that was why I got it and it got a little bit scratched so I was like 'Never again!!!' but then then I just made one of my cases for it and now it comes with me and I'm much happier having it there :D I actually bought that washi tape from a market stall in London. There's a Japanese Stationery lady there and she always has wonderful stuff! Apologies for the delay in replying to this! I've been very busy over the weekend!