The Cake and Bake Show 2014

Caaaake!! I was really excited to be going to The Cake and Bake Show 2014. My friend was raving about it last year but unfortunately I didn't have the chance to go. This year I was majorly looking forward to it and it was definitely worth the hype. 

It's filled with lots and lots of stalls selling all sorts of caking making and baking goods. There were places to sample cakes and places selling such delicious treats. There were hands on workshops, demonstrations and other fun things! 

Look at how cool these cake and sweet stands are. So much creativity was pouring out from this event. Don't even get me started on the cakes further down in this post! 

Covent Garden! Like whaaaat. How much detail has gone into this. Each of those flowers were made by hand, using icing. TALENT!

Guess the tube station! Some of them were really obvious but I stood there thinking and thinking and had to get the lady to tell me...shh.

Donuuut! Do I even need to tell you how good it was? Just look at it!

Macarooons always look so fancy. I tried some and they were gooood!

Ok, from this post on, I have no words. The amount of sheer talent it took to make these cakes just astounds me. Well done to these cake artists on pulling off such amazing bakes! I was flabbergasted the entire time. Especially by the zombie mermaid. Whoever made that, has some crazy imaginative mind!

All the lovely stalls! I may have sampled too much fudge. MMMMM! I tried peaches and cream fudge on one stall and I can't stop thinking about it. I should have bought some. 

People can be creative even with bread! The typography lover in me doesn't even want to eat this bread because it looks so cool.

Maybe I got a bit too excited about seeing this Cake Boss stall!

And here's even more word stealing, indescribable, talentful cakes.

Side note: How is this a cake? HOW?!

All in all, I just spent the whole day being wowed about things. I'm pretty sure my mouth was like :O the whole time. Also, Renshaw had this white chocolate icing sample that I'm 100% sure I could eat the whole tub of by itself.

Here's some phone pics in which we were fangirling a bit...ok...a lot!

 SPOILER ALERT RE: THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF. Close your eyes if you haven't seen it yet!

I'm sorry Luis didn't win The Great British Bake Off! He was really lovely and all his cakes always look so amazing. I just want to eat them alllllll!!

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