Oliver Jeffers

If you don't know who Oliver Jeffers is, you can watch this video. He's so lovely and such a talented person. He can make such wonderful pieces of art and the best stories ever.

I had the pleasure of going to a talk by him where he read us some stories and drew pictures for us and made us laugh with his general persona. At the end of it all he signed our books and we got to meet him and he was so nice and just very lovely!


All of his story books are amazing and funny. There isn't one that I don't like. Stuck is a very funny one and is guaranteed to have you and all your kiddies laughing a lot!

Last year, I met Ed Vere who is another story book illustrator that I admire and I also realised I've been to talks/workshops by Emma Thompson (Felicity Wishes, Princess Pearl), Martin Brown (Horrible Histories) and David Roberts (The Troll, Dirty Bertie). I've been so lucky. I love all these books and the people who illustrate them too!

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