First First Day Cover

As you may have noticed, I've become a bit obsessed with stamps recently. Since I started to become more interested in them, I spoke to my grandma about it because she said she used to collect them. She showed me her impressive collection of first day covers ranging all the way back to 1961. I was immediately intrigued and also wanted to have a collection like hers. 

I went to the post office and inquired about them and a nice lady gave me a little calender with all the dates of the first releases. So roll on 14th October, a very exciting day for two reasons- Ed Sheeran and the first day release of these UK Prime Minister Stamps. 

A First Day Cover is a purchase of the whole range of released stamps in varying values. They aren't always the same price as sometimes there's a range of different ones. This FDC featured 4 1st class stamps and 4 97p stamps for international mail.

Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister 1979-1990

Harold Wilson, Prime Minister 1964 to 1970, 1974-1976

Clement Attlee, Prime Minister 1945-1951

Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister 1940-1945, 1951-1955

William Pitt the Younger, Prime Minister 1783-1801, 1804-1806
Charles Grey, Prime Minister 1830-1834

Sir Rober Peel, Prime Minister 1834-1835, 1841-1846

William Ewart Gladstone, Prime Minister 1968-1974, 1880-1885, 1886-1886, 1892-1894

My grandma told me that you can either buy it and take it away with you just like that or you can address it to yourself. If you address it to yourself, it gets franked with inked stamps like the ones above and below, dating them and saying it's the first day of issue. Apparently in the future, franked stamps will be worth way more than ones which haven't been franked.

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