Filofax Pretties: Halloweeeeeen

Also, I didn't do photos for last week!

Lots of exciting things happened last week! Ben Howard released his new album and it's amazing. I ordered a new backpack which I love. I ordered a mint Kikki.K that I've been lusting over forever! Hopefully that we should be here some time soon, like in the next week or two. The craft day I had with Josie was excellent and I made lots of dashboards and dividers which will be in my shop soon!


  1. Your pages are adorable! And I love your handwriting :-) I'm excited about your mint Kikki.K planner too! I've been thinking about ordering one but am sorta deciding between KK and Erin Condren.

    1. Thank you! I think from what I've heard, the Kikki.K is better because it's more customisable. I think the thing that sways people to Erin Condren is the layout, but you could just get pages like that. Hopefully my Kikki.K will come soon and I'll take lots of photos of it so maybe it can help your decision along! x