Filofax Covers

I've had a busy time today making these Filofax covers! I have two A5 sized ones to make and then I'll be all up to date and can start trying out some new things. I tell you, this new sewing machine is such a dream to sew with. There's no way I would have gotten 3 covers done with the old sewing machine. It would have driven me insane. I had such a pleasant time sewing these and I didn't even get stressed when I had to unpick some of it. 

I am in love with this print! I liked it when I bought it, but after making the case I LOVE IT! I have a small bit of it left that will be enough to make a pencil case or purse or maybe both. How many pencil cases do I need though!?

Just look at my Filofax trying to get all snug in there! It's not for you! It's for a nice lady on Etsy!

I didn't tell you guys about my business cards that I made the other day. Super simple, just used Word and then sewed some pretty fabric on the back once I'd printed it. They look pretty and they were simple to make if I need to change them. My heart beats for custom made Letterpress business cards but they're a bit pricey so these will do for now! 

Packaging is key! I hope that my wonderful customers appreciate packaging. Packaging my orders up is so satisfying and I just love the way it looks at the end of it all!

Once I'm all caught up on my orders, I'm going to try out some new things. I'll keep you all updated. In the mean time, if you want to order one of these, you can check out my Etsy shop- SoJoey. You can also request a different kind of fabric, by sending me a message on there.

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