Filofax Pretties: Using HEMA for Week 32 + SoJoey Inserts

This morning when I was thinking about decorating my Filofax, I had a thought that I didn't want to use my new things on Filofax pages. I wanted to use them on my pages. I haven't made personal pages for myself so I quickly rustled these up and printed them and then got to work! I really like my own pages so I should probably do some more for the following weeks! The only thing that sways me to do my own pages is the quality of the paper. I can't deal with not being able to use any pen on the Filofax paper. It drives me crazy! 

How nice is the washi!? I really like the text one! They're going to make my letters look extra special!
You can click here to see some other HEMA goodies that I bought. 

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