Filofax Pretties: How Useful is a Monthly Planner?

I currently use a monthly planner and also a weekly planner. I know there are some people who find that using both renders one of them obsolete but I find it so handy to have both. I use my monthly planner to write down plans that are happening well into the future and to keep track of birthdays and special dates. I also get my work hours for the month so it's nice to have them written down in one place where I can just look at it in one go. Hence why it's called month at a glance!

I almost never write anything directly on the page. There's this wonderful thing called washi tape and it's re-positionable so if a plan changes I can just lift it up and move it to where it needs to be. If a shift at work gets changed, I can just peel it off, chuck it in the bin and write a new one. It's so much nicer than crossing things out or using correction tape. It makes my heart happy because everything looks so much neater.

 It's also cool because you can do so much lovely colour coordinating and who doesn't love that. I love my monthly planner probably more than my weeklies because it lets me see into the future. Don't give up on monthly planners, just learn to love them!


  1. I've always found that I forget about my monthly calendar, and rarely update or check it! I'm hoping to use one for tracking exercise though - that may work!

    1. It is a hard one because you don't really need to look at it that much but it is so handy to have! If I didn't have a monthly planner I would definitely forget about things! I also love it retrospectively, especially for work hours because then it's all in one place. I hope it works out for your exercise tracker. I would actually need to do exercise for me to able to use my planner for that reason!