Filofax Pretties: Playing Catch Up

I haven't shown you guys my decor for weeks! I've been seriously lacking. To be perfectly honest,  time just ran away from me. Like where did June even go? I don't know what's happening!! So here is the week before last. I can't even show you last week because it was over before I even got the chance to decorate it. Fail on me.

I got given this beautiful Kirstie Allsop washi tape as a late birthday present and I adore it! It's safe to say that after I got it, I've been using it on everything!

Can you remember what I did on Thursday? I can't!

I remember now! I made pies ALL DAY LONG! I love pies as much as the next person, but they take forever to make and we made looooadddss.

The thing I like about having penpals, along with getting to know different people from all over the world, is that they send me beautiful washi samples that just brighten my day. Thank you wonderful people overseas!

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