Filofax Pretties: TFIOS Week

The Fault In Our Stars is all everyone is talking about since its cinematic release. Thus, the inspiration for my week. After seeing the movie on Monday, I felt quite sad for a while after seeing it but I've had such an excellent week that I quickly got over it! I This was a busier week than usual and I've not been at home very much! It's going to be very different this week.  

Did you see or read The Fault In Our Stars? How did you feel about it?!

B/W London Zoo

This weekend I had the best time at the zoo and of course took loads and loads of photos! I was looking through them and I found a few that I thought would look better in black and white. There's something emotional about these photos. The back of the gorilla is a particular favourite of mine. 

Mollie Makes June Edition

This months Mollie Makes is  probably my favourite so far. I think it's because it's very centred in Typography and that's always been a passion of mine. It came with 7 free prints of inspirational creativity quotes. These two were my favourite but there others are all lovely too! 

Also these three postcards came with it, illustrating different types of crafter. I'm proud to say that I'm all of them. I'm probably most 'the easily distracted' as I have a bajillion unfinished projects! Cute!

Filofax Pretties: Week 23

The tape I got from Typo remains my absolute favourite. It's good quality and I love the colours. Also the tape from Joe&Flo is also my faves! I need to save money so I can do another washi haul from them soon. 
This was my decorated week. 

I do love these Happy Jackson sticky notes but this one didn't feel like being very sticky so I've had to tape him down!

Pages of My Sketchbook

This is the first page of my sketchbook that I hope to use for any ideas and little doodles. 

 At the moment I'm trying to design a 'J' that I'd like to embroider for my embroidery hoop wall that is a work in progress. I most like the far left one with the swirly bits on the side but I'm still thinking!

Then there are random moments in which I feel like drawing people, I've always just drawn girls and sometimes they turn out better than other times.

The two following drawings are my recent favourites. If you're my follower on Instagram you would have already seen these :)