Leicester and Buxton Weekend

This Bank holiday, we spent time with our friends in Leicester. We travelled up to Buxton one day and these were the photos I took. It was so very pretty there!

Ducks enjoying themselves! I love watching ducks swim around. I especially like it when they fly away and then fly back into the water.

So much greenery! So pretty!

Mum taking a photo of me taking a photo of her!

My pretty Hanan!

Saniyya is doing good matching with this tree!

These ones were all in the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton. It was really nice walking around there.

Buxton water comes from here! Just around the corner from Water St was the well.

This Dome was probably my favourite thing! If you stood in the center of these 4 black tiles and spoke in a your normal voice, there was an echo that was amazing! If you weren't near the tiles you couldn't hear what I was saying but if you were in there with me, there were no secrets. I was so easily amused by it!!

Ahh, we all had a drink from the well. It's rumoured that if you drink straight from here, you'll live for 100 more years!

My beauts mama!

Hhahah! Hanan was killing me with these glasses!

And finally my gorgeous friend Faseeha! It was so nice to catch up and spend time with her!

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