Filofax Pretties: Week 21 in Personal and A5!

For the first time, here are both weeks together! I can't tell you how much I'm loving my A5. It's gorgeous and there's so much spaaace. It feels more like a diary and I think it works this way because I have my personal for all the lists and important things to remember.

My A5 inserts, I feel very attached to them because I made them. I'm trying to get organised with the ones to sell but I'm having an issue. Hopefully I'll get it sorted this week so you guys can get your hands on these sooner rather than later! Aren't these stickers just so cute? I should buy more of them!

I think if it was up to me, I would use these cloud and heart washi on everything!! All my other tapes would get majorly jealous though so I have to mix it up! I'm very excited about going to Leicester because it's nice to get away and I just really want to spend time with my friend. I haven't seen her in forever!!

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