Filofax Pretties: A5 Inserts

I don't know if you can tell, but my life is consumed by all things Filofax at the moment. I can't get enough of it. I spend every moment either thinking about new inserts to make or making inserts or just talking to people about inserts. My blog is consumed by it! There haven't been any personal posts for a while and my blog is so different to what it was a year ago. I'm really enjoying myself though, and I feel like I'm on a really exciting new adventure and I'm so glad that I've got all of you to come on my journey with me. 

These are the weekly inserts that I've made. I intended to make them for May and June because the Filofax inserts only started in July, but I like my inserts so much more now so I'm making them for the whole year. They're just less unobtrusive than the Filofax ones and they are printed on better paper, which I'm sure the entire Filofax community can get behind me on. As gorgeous as Filofaxes are, their paper quality is a bit abysmal and it makes it so hard to use your favourite pens. As a pen hoarder, I'm glad I've printed my inserts on paper that can be written on with virtually any pen! 

I constantly find myself having ideas for blogs at the most random times, like when I'm driving or cleaning the kitchen and then I always forget to write them down. If I do write them down, I lose them so I've found the perfect fix to my problem and I created these blog post inserts to help me keep track of what I'm doing. When they're completed I can put a little sticker there for good behaviour and managing to accomplish my task!

Thank you for all the positive feedback you have been giving me recently, it's making me so happy. I'm currently working on getting commercial licences for the fonts I use so that I can start making these for you guys. Please share your blog with me in the comments or any pictures of your planners so I can see what you're all up to (in a non-stalker way!). I'd just love to see your set-ups and inserts you use.

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