Leicester and Buxton Weekend

This Bank holiday, we spent time with our friends in Leicester. We travelled up to Buxton one day and these were the photos I took. It was so very pretty there!

Ducks enjoying themselves! I love watching ducks swim around. I especially like it when they fly away and then fly back into the water.

Incoming Mail

Awesome stamps all round! Scroll down further for a really cool Shaun the Sheep Stamp! (Try saying that fast! LOL)

Mail from Howard is always fancy, but it feels especially fancy this time round. It's very blue and I love it!

Beautiful mail for Jen as usual. She always sends me such nice goodies! I still have to decide what notebook I'd like to put my pen loop into.

Amazzzzing postcards from Miao in China. We have an ongoing thing of sending 6+ postcards each time and the ones I get from her have always made me soo happy. I love all of them! PANDEES!

Filofax Pretties: Week 21 in Personal and A5!

For the first time, here are both weeks together! I can't tell you how much I'm loving my A5. It's gorgeous and there's so much spaaace. It feels more like a diary and I think it works this way because I have my personal for all the lists and important things to remember.

My A5 inserts, I feel very attached to them because I made them. I'm trying to get organised with the ones to sell but I'm having an issue. Hopefully I'll get it sorted this week so you guys can get your hands on these sooner rather than later! Aren't these stickers just so cute? I should buy more of them!

I think if it was up to me, I would use these cloud and heart washi on everything!! All my other tapes would get majorly jealous though so I have to mix it up! I'm very excited about going to Leicester because it's nice to get away and I just really want to spend time with my friend. I haven't seen her in forever!!

Filofax Pretties: Free Printable Notes

I've been messing around and made this pretty ombre paper that you can have for freeeee. Just follow the download link below and it'll take you to a direct download via Dropbox. Please share the link with your friends but don't distribute the paper as your own. Enjoy :)

Filofax Pretties: A5 Inserts

I don't know if you can tell, but my life is consumed by all things Filofax at the moment. I can't get enough of it. I spend every moment either thinking about new inserts to make or making inserts or just talking to people about inserts. My blog is consumed by it! There haven't been any personal posts for a while and my blog is so different to what it was a year ago. I'm really enjoying myself though, and I feel like I'm on a really exciting new adventure and I'm so glad that I've got all of you to come on my journey with me. 

These are the weekly inserts that I've made. I intended to make them for May and June because the Filofax inserts only started in July, but I like my inserts so much more now so I'm making them for the whole year. They're just less unobtrusive than the Filofax ones and they are printed on better paper, which I'm sure the entire Filofax community can get behind me on. As gorgeous as Filofaxes are, their paper quality is a bit abysmal and it makes it so hard to use your favourite pens. As a pen hoarder, I'm glad I've printed my inserts on paper that can be written on with virtually any pen! 

I constantly find myself having ideas for blogs at the most random times, like when I'm driving or cleaning the kitchen and then I always forget to write them down. If I do write them down, I lose them so I've found the perfect fix to my problem and I created these blog post inserts to help me keep track of what I'm doing. When they're completed I can put a little sticker there for good behaviour and managing to accomplish my task!

Thank you for all the positive feedback you have been giving me recently, it's making me so happy. I'm currently working on getting commercial licences for the fonts I use so that I can start making these for you guys. Please share your blog with me in the comments or any pictures of your planners so I can see what you're all up to (in a non-stalker way!). I'd just love to see your set-ups and inserts you use.

Filofax Pretties: Protecting your Planner

I don't know if like me, you worry about your Filofax like it's a little baby, the fruit of your looms, your most loved possession, but if you are one of those people then you might interested in seeing these. Ever since I bought my beautiful A5 Domino Patent, I've worried about it getting scratched, because it just has that material that is prone to scratches. I've kept it in it's cover, wrapped in a scarf until one day I thought "No more!" and decided to use my meagre sewing skills to construct a case for it.

I practised on my Personal Saffiano and this was the result:

I decided to do boxed corners on this one because it's quite a fat planner all the way through and the boxed corners allowed for more space. Just to prove that I'm not that adept at sewing, you can see that there was some unpicking going on on that corner. I'd originally made the corners massive and it was all baggy so I had to unpick and sew tighter for a better fit. I liked the end result and was quite pleased with myself so I tackled the A5 case, all on the same day!!

This planner is a little different because it tapers at the end opposite the rings so I felt it didn't need a boxed corner, so I just sewed it straight, all the way down. Look at that almost straight line of stitching! Go me!

Overall I'm very happy with my covers because they're protecting my Filos from scratches and that is what I intended for them to do. They're felt lined because I didn't have any wadding, but perhaps future ones will have wadding for even more protection.

If you'd like one of these, please feel free to email me to discuss options j.abrahams@outlook.com