Filofax: Dashboards

Eeeee! Can't get over how nice these dashboards are! I bought them from Katy on the UK Planner Addicts Group that I'm with on FB. It's such a lovely group. If you want to buy some, Katy's store is The Home Made Boutique . At the moment she only has one of each one so you'll have to hurry to get the ones you want! 

They're just so much nicer than a plain dashboard y'know! 

I really like Dashboards because they're so good at just de-cluttering your pages and are handy for things you need to look at every week. 

Also, I finally went to Staples and bought these. I've been after them for months! The tabs were actually on clearance which made me very happy!

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  1. Hi!!..finally sent out ur envelope I apologize for the delay was very nervous hopefully u get it soon was sent out on Monday 2/24