Filofax Pretties: Week 3

Isn't time just flying by? We're just about half way through Jan and it feels like I was watching New Years Fireworks just the other day! I realised that I kept using green in my previous weeks, I must really like green. So I tried to be a bit different this week and went for blue, pink and orange! It's super pretty!

I love that fox pagemarker! They were in a set of sticky notes from Paperchase and they were on sale. Can't say no to that!

I've been proactive this Monday and did do all the things that I wrote down and said I was going to do. The music playlist, I've scheduled to be posted on Weds so keep and eye out for it! I'm feeling good. Week 1 of Get Fit has passed by and although I worked out 5 days, I did have a bit of rubbish eating. So this week I've decided to be much cleaner with my eating and it's going well already. Today has been a good eating day.

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