Filofax Pretties: Week 2

This week is a nice calm week. Everything is back to normal and it's all quiet. I've decided to start being fit again so yesterday was day one. I have a fitness plan which I can show you tomorrow. I forgot to take photos of it today. It's only day two, but I feel positive about it.

My decorating this week features the new tape I got from a stall in Shoreditch. It really is too cute!

The weekend before this one was a big weekend for me. I drove on the motorway for the first time. Although the weather was really bad on Saturday, I survived it! I feel proud of myself for the way my driving has improved recently! I'm feeling confident about it now.

This is my pencil case with the pens I use the most in my Filo- Eraseable Muji Pens in Light Blue and Black, Pilot Hi Tec C Coleto in Black, Black Blue, Purple and Pink, Muji Pen in Red, Pencil, Stabilo Write For All Fine in Black (for writing on washi), Sharpie Marker of some sort (just in case), Uniball Eraseable Pens in Pink and Green.

My pencil case is from Paperchase from many moons ago!

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