More Craft Days

Today I had another lovely craft day with Josie at Josie Makes. We actually met to discuss our future plans for a business with our friend Laura too (who doesn't have a blog yet, but will soon if I have anything to do with it!) Josie and I have jumped in the Filofax wagon and had fun planning things and dreaming big!

Look how pretty Josie's dashboard is. That's really some pretty tape! We both have custom dividers that I made but I'm still waiting on my hole punch. I should get it this week! We're both going to be so much more organised now. Look out for my Filofax week, every Monday!

We are planning to have our own business so today there were a lot of ideas flowing and we've been reading business plans and business books. We feel the plan is slowly but steadily being put into motion.

And of course, no craft day is complete without a little bit of crafting. I'm trying to finish these snowy hearts off so I can give them to someone to sell at a fair. I've got about 4 left to do so I should finish those this week. The 'J' here is a perfect example of Josie's fine embroidery skills. She's making this into a necklace for me and it will be beautifuller when it's all done! If you want to buy a personalised necklace for Christmas perhaps, just check out her website!

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