Art Shop Shopping and My Day

Today I went to visit a friend at her work, which is an art shop called Cowling and Wilcox. Before we get to the actual art shop, let me tell you about the journey there. I was getting the train to Woolwich Arsenal where I was going to change to the DLR to Highbury & Islington, but I missed the stop because I was daydreaming. That tends to happen a lot! There's just something about being on trains and looking outside that puts me into my own little world.  Then I had to make sure I concentrated so that I could get off at Greenwich and catch the DLR from there. I made it, thankfully! Otherwise my journey would have been a whole lot longer.

From Greenwich, I took the DLR to Shadwell and then changed for the London Overground to H&I. I must say I'm a fan of the Overground. I like that the train carriages aren't separated and you that can see a long way down the train. However, it was very very quiet and it made me feel a little bit awkward, like I was breathing too loudly. I don't understand how the entire train was so silent. Not a single person was talking, if they were they were whispering because I couldn't hear a thing. After a while though, it wasn't so bad.

Then a gentleman appeared and announced to our part of the carriage that he was wondering if any of us had any spare change so that he could get some food, or if we had any food to give him could we please give it to him. He was very nice about it and he wished us all a safe journey and hoped that we have a good day. Some people didn't have any change and thus apologised to him and he said that there was no need to apologise. He was the nicest homeless person I think I've ever had the pleasure of encountering. Before he left the train, he gave us all his well wishes again. This made me think that it was rather sad that so many people don't have homes and everyone deserves a home.

This gentleman made my day even better.

When I got to Highbury and Islington I went looking for the shop my friend works at and was just having a nice walk. I saw the shop across the road and got so excited because it looked like an amazing art shop! I also saw a pretty library!

These are the things I bought. I could have bought so much more but I restrained because I have to buy Christmas presents for people and stuff! 

A beautiful writing set. My future penpals will be getting this! Ooooh! 

Pretty stickers! My friend said "Oooh Hanan (my little sister) would love those!" and I said "They're not for her! They're for me!!" I love stickers man.

Liquitex Ink. I'm going to attempt to use this for some calligraphy with my dip pens. I really would love to get the hang of them.

And this is the shopping bag that all my stuff got packed into! Lovely lovely! One can never have too many tote bags.

Alsooo, my Rapesco 6 hole punch arrived today so I've finally put my dividers into my Filofax and also some random dashboards! 

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