Catching Fire World Premiere

This is going to be such a fangirling post!! I went to the Catching Fire World Premiere in London's Leicester Square. I thought I was quite early, arriving there at around half 11, but some people had camped out from the day before! I was majorly late in comparison! We had to queue up and get a number and write our names in a book. Kat and Rachel got there before me so they were in a queue in front of me. I asked the security if I could go and stand with them but he said we had to be in numerical order! Hmph! At first I was apprehensive about standing there alone. After a bit we got shuffled to different areas of Leicester Square, and I was no where near Kat and Rachel. I decided to stay where I was though, because I had a scope for good photos. The security guard said that I probably won't get signatures but photos were definitely possible.

I had come well prepared in terms of dressing warmly and making sure I was waterproofed! There was a lot of rain. I also had made a checklist of stuff I would need the day before and I was sure I had everything. I started talking to a lady that was next to me who had also appeared to be on her on, and after talking for a little bit, she asked me to save her space and told me she would be back in a little bit. She didn't come back. So I started talking to a man that was next to her who also seemed to be on his own. He was on his own and by the end of the evening we were friends. It was really lovely! After a few hours I realised that I should have brought a chair with me because standing for 6+ hours is really not ideal. I also should take scissors with me next time, to get the posters that they hang up on the barriers.

Very many hours later, the celebs started to arrive and we got so excited!!

The stars came really close and I was shaking a lot because I was very excited! I managed to get autographs from Donald Sutherland, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. I was absolutely gobsmacked that they all stopped to sign my stuff! I would have like Stanley Tucci's sig but he was moving too quickly! They all responded really well with fans and were happy to take photos and sign stuff. I got squished by people behind me who were clambering to get their things signed! Clipboards were pushed on my head and stuff! Just cos I'm short.

Ohh it was such a nice evening! Even with the rain and the all the waiting, it was still great and I was buzzing the whole way home! I made a new friend and I got stuff signed and got to say hello to some stars that I really love! I will be going to more premieres! Too much fun times!

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