My Lists

I spent this morning making more lists, because making lists is fun!

Filofax Pretties!!

I used to be a Filofaxer, but I had no idea that they could be so pretty. My filofax always used to be quite boring and then I wasn't really doing stuff so I moved into a small Moleskine. Since joining Instagram and seeing lots of the people I follow for scrapbooking using Filofaxes to make their personal, daily lives look really amazing, I've gone back on the Filofax bandwagon. I've been eyeing gorgeous Filofaxes for ages. The plan was to get one in the new year, but on recent trip to Costco I spotted an Aqua Saffiano, which has been on my mental wishlist forever! So I decided to buy it! Now, originally I was going to just use it in the new year, so it was still all packaged up, but the other day, it was staring at me and saying "Use meeee!" so how  could I not. So I've decided to do December too.

The colour is so amazing and it feels really great. I'm sure I'll be using this one for ages because I just love it so much!

This is how I've decided to decorate week 48. The struggle is real with trying not to decorate more weeks. It was so fun and I'm definitely looking forward to doing this every week!

I also made some fun dividers from Dear Lizzy's Lucky Charm Scrapbook paper. I just need to buy a 6 hole punch and then these will be in there too. I'm so excited to get it fully kitted out.

The tapes I used this week are from Typo for the Spotty and Triangle one and Tiger for the Pink one. Cupcake Sticky Note from Primark if you would believe!

Washi Tape

I really really love these masking sticker sets. They are perfect for adding little touches to letters, or for decorating wrappings and for organising. I've use quite a lot in my scrapbooking and it's nice to not have to fiddle with rolls of tape and cutting, especially if you haven't got that much time.

I plan on getting the other designs they have. I think there's a pastel pattern, solid brights, and solid pastels.

Things I Love: Typography

There's just something about the way words can be presented on a page in a such a beautiful way that just makes me love it. I've found this wonderful set of gems, that really inspire me to get back to drawing words. 

You Look Lovely Today by Lauren Hom at Hom Sweet Hom

Philadelphia, 1962 by Ray K Metzer

Print and Embroidery Works by Maricor and Maricar Manalo

Hand Lettering by Chris Yoon

Life by P-Bott

Typo Haul

All the way from South Africa, because we don't have a Typo here! My mumma came back and brought me all this wonderful stuff!

Thank you mumma!