Things I Love: Smash Journal

The other day I went shopping, to Hobby Craft and they have a whole section on Smash Journals and it's all so very pretty, but also so very expensive. So after I saw them, I added them to my internal wishlist of things that I'd like to have at some point, but when I'm richer! Hahaa!

Not so long ago, I bought a grab box. I saw that the lady I bought it from had some other stuff for sale, Smash Books in particular! There was an assortment of Smash products for less than the price of a Smash Book at Hobby Craft. So I bought it, and it arrived this morning. It's all so lovely and pretty!!

The pages are all so nice! I like the photos in them and the patterns in them. When I've done a page, I'll show you all. I also have some more pages from my other 2013 scrapbook to show you!

 In the grab box I got a little while ago, there were a couple of wooden arrows and they added a nice little touch to my scrapbook pages. I tried looking for some elsewhere, but I could not find any! Thankfully, Cat was nice enough to share some of hers with me. You should check out her pretty blog, and see the other things she has for sale!

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