Doodles: Digital Edition

I recently invested in a Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet because a) I've always wanted one, b) I wanted to take my drawings to a new level and c) I thought that with becoming more involved in my blog and scrapbooking etc, it would be nice to design my own things like scrapbook papers, embellishments and lists and stuff.

When I first got it, it was quite overwhelming because I had no idea what to do. I've always been interested in digital art and seeing what loads of other people could do. The amount of talent they have, I felt inferior as I sat there with my tablet, staring at the screen, the pen feeling foreign in my grasp. The first few times I just scribbled with it, trying to feel comfortable with it, but it didn't really work. I thought "What have I done?! I can't do this! Nothing looks right!" There was a whole load of self doubt going on.

I spent quite a lot of time after those initial moments of self doubt, watching other peoples processes and looking at tutorials of how to achieve things. And I looked at loads and loads of art. In some ways it made me feel like there was no way on Earth I could ever accomplish what I wanted to, but it also gave me hope. I realised that everyone starts somewhere and the only way I was going to get it was if I tried and practised. A couple of friends kept telling me so too. So I set aside some more time just to play around with stuff and drew from all the different tutorials I read. This was the result...

While it is far far from perfect, it's progress and a step up from scribbles. I'm still learning and I'll continue to try to make further progress. I am pleased with the way this turned out. I think I also need to do drawing on paper more. That will make it easier to develop a comfortable style.

Testing: Graph'It Markers

I got picked to test these by Cult Pens. I'm still playing with them, so it's not a full on review yet.

I originally for 4 sent out to me, but I quite liked them so I bought a few more. Over the week, I'll do some more drawing and show you those for my proper review. Also, I was stupid and forgot to put a paper on top of that drawing when I drew on the page before it so that's why there's random marks on the persons face!

Stitching: Hand Embroidered Embellishments

It's not every day I feel inspired to do something. All I can think about is a scrapbooking company so all I want  to do is things that relate to that. I spend literally all my time thinking about things to do, how to get it off the ground, things I could sell, how to raise money etc. I have a little notebook, which I might show you at some point. In there, I write down all the ideas for things I want to do. This here, is one of the ideas that have come to life. Maybe these could be added to my list of products to sell.

Again, I had such fun making these! Will defo be making more, maybe with another colour scheme!

Eid Ul Adha

Here are the highlights from my Eid! There was so much delicious food and good company. It was all in all a lovely day. We missed my mum though, but I'm sure she'll have a nice day in South Africa tomorrow! 

Interview: Josie Makes

  1. When do you think you started being really interested in crafting and specifically jewellery making?

    I really enjoyed textiles at school but I wasn't very good at it! I wanted to become a fashion or costume designer but they cut the textiles course at GCSE level so I never went into it in education. I took art instead and in my A-levels began to use stitching and fabric in my own pieces so that's where it started. I have always loved interesting jewellery especially long necklaces with interesting pendants and started to buy cameos to make as a hobby while at uni, but only recently thought to make my own pendants.

  2. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

    It really started with a love of vintage cameo style necklaces, which have beautiful designs, traditionally a woman's face, but other things too. I just one day thought there must be a way to combine stitching with jewellery making and thought that putting stitches somehow into cameo settings would be great, so I just started trying to make it work. As for designs I started off simply with flowers because I knew it was fairly easy to make small stitches look like flowers. My inspiration often comes from observing things around me, I have to carry a small sketchbook with me as I often get ideas at work or on the train.

  3. What other crafts do you like to do?

    My favourite is probably cross stitch. Its the first thing I really got into. I like that there's order in it, which makes it good for beginners. I'm not great at drawing so I find embroidery harder. Cross stitch is very controlled, you draw in the squares and you stitch in the squares. I started designing my own patterns just using graph paper, and love the way that even just using cross stitches, you can create some complex shapes, with curves, not just squares and straight lines. In terms of shape, I'm probably most proud of the dire wolf on my Game of Thrones cross stitch.


  4. Do you have plans to make other kinds of jewellery like bracelets and brooches?

    Yes! I have bought some different settings, including earrings, rings and broaches that would fit my current designs. I have also been requested to make cufflinks, for the guys, so watch this space!

  1. How do you decide what to put in a necklace?

    I generally started thinking of what I would want if it were for me, which makes it hard for me to give any of them up! I look at things that people like to have on clothes/accessories such as flowers or cute animals, butterflies etc, and also popular culture and fashion, currently working on a moustache pendant as they are very 'in' at the moment.
  1. I see that your jewellery is very customisable. Have you got any requests that have been strange or hard to do?

    I had a request to do a kingfisher which was great, although in a way that was fairly easy as a kingfisher is very specific. Another request was for a cupcake which I found harder as I had to choose the colours, the background, the way the icing would look. I worried that the end product won't be what was expected. On the other hand it is nice that someone trusts me enough to just let me choose!

  2. Where do you see your business in the next 5-10 years?

    I would like to think I'll still be going! I work currently in an office so I imagine I will still be working full time and doing this on the side in which case it won't be too crazy. If it became a viable business, I like to think I'd be brave enough to try it!
  1. If you could make a piece for a famous person, who would it be and why?

    The first thing I made (in the early stages of experimentation!) was a black cat and at the time I did think of Katy Perry. Maybe I would make her one with a tiger on it, for her song 'Roar'.

  2. Would you charge them lots of money or just give it to them?

    LOADS of money! No, I mean I know why people just give celebrities things as its a great advertisement if they wear it, but I think it depends. If they found me and wanted to buy it then I would sell it to them, for the price I would charge anyone else. If I wanted them to have it I would have to send it to them for free and hope they come back for more!

  3. If you saw a random person on the street wearing your jewellery what would you do?

    Possibly try to take a sly photo! I probably wouldn't approach them, but might do a bit of an excited dance once I had walked past.

    Visit Josie's tumblr for lots of nice craft pics, and also her website where you'll find links to her Flickr, Folksy and blog!