Scrapbooking Supplies: Grab Box

I've lately been obsessed with browsing the scrapbooking tag on Instagram (as well as other things, i.e filofax, studio calicio, letterpress). While on there I came across some supplies for sale in the UK which is quite rare! A lot of the stuff are all for sale in the US. Cat from Decision Inspired has some grab boxes for sale. They were things she didn't use any more, they all looked really pretty so I decided to buy one!

I was so amazed, I felt like a kid at Christmas! There were so many cool things in it. My favourite has to hands down be the POW Glitter Paper. There's a chance I might not even use it because it's too cool. I might just stick it up in the sun so I can stare at the prettiness all day.

So pretty!! I can't wait to get to using some of the things!!

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