Geneva: Day 8

Beach day! How could we not go to Baby Plage? It's like tradition. I remember the last time we went there and I was swimming in the clear clear waters, not having a care in the world and then I looked down and was surrounded by darkness. At some point the lake started to have plant life and it was so dense it was just black when you looked down. It scared me so much and I could feel things on my legs! I hated it! So swam like a mad woman to get back to the pretty clear bits.

This time I didn't swim! We sat on the rocks surrounded the beach and dipped out feet in. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. It was so peaceful and some swans came to join us. One of them tried eating my sisters shorts, but for the most part they sat there and groomed themselves. I tried to catch the feathers they lost.

After a calming day of doing nothing at the beach and eating really delicious ice cream again, we went home and packed. Today was our last full day in Geneva. We would be leaving at 5am to head back to London. It's been such a lovely trip and I hope you enjoyed the photos, even though most of them didn't do the beauty enough justice.

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