Geneva: Day 6

Today was probably my favourite day in the whole holiday. We walked up the River Rhone which is an amazing bluey green colour, too beautiful. Along the way there was lots of very artistic graffiti, which you can find in my flickr. When we got to the end, we saw where the River Rhone met river Arve. River Arve is a mint green sort of colour and it was so astounding to see the rivers meet and the colours look so contrasted against each other. I was in major awe. 

We played Poohsticks on this bridge, like the big kids we are. I think I won once, maybe twice! It was so fun!

In the evening I decided I wanted to see Geneva by night so we took a walk to the lake. The weather was so perfect at this time. We discovered a bajillion spiders though, which I am not a fan of! Almost every bridge we stopped at was covered in spiders, which really aren't there in the day time. We even ran through one bridge because the spiders were too massive for our liking!! Aren't water reflections pretty?

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