Geneva: Day 2

Today we went for a walk along Lake Geneva and went to stand under the Jet d'Eau. I spent the entire time giggling like a school girl and it was all pretty amazing.

I need a boat. I would just feel so fancy if I had one! I walked all along that bit of wall. It's so cool how high the water actually goes and how wet you get. My sister didn't even go all the way and she got more wet than I did. It just depends on which way the wind blows the water.

We saw this beautiful carousel and sat and listened to it's song for a while. There's another one on the other side of the lake, but that one is blue!

This photo doesn't even do the fountain justice. It's just really so beautiful. If you ever go to Geneva, I recommend you go and stand directly under it.

My sister and I decided to walk around some streets we hadn't been to before and I fell in love with all the architecture. It's just really pretty with it's ornate decorations.

This is me being a tourist! Hahaha!

A fountain that some kids were playing in. It was actually really warm this day and if I didn't hate wearing wet clothes so much, I might have gone in it too. Also, it looked too fancy to even touch so maybe I wouldn't have.

I was fascinated by these drums of oil or whatever was in them. There's something about barrels that make them look toxic even if they aren't. These had sunflowers on them though, so I thought they looked quite nice, and non toxic.

A traditional Swiss horn, which is actually called an Alphorn. I was completely mesmerised by it!

To top off a brilliant day, we had an excellent pizza dinner overlooking the mountains and then had a nice sunset walk back home. 

We had cake and tea when we got home, to celebrate Yumna's 16th birthday! It was a really fun time and the cake was so delish.

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