Aug/Sept Playlist

I haven't done a playlist in ages! Here's what I've been listening to. There's a lot of new music coming out soon. Next months playlist will be fun!!

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Crafting: Home Sweet Home

Yesterday I made this Home Sweet Home card for a friend. I used my craft knife for the first time in forever and my lovely flower punch to make the envelope decoration. The paper is one of the pretty Crate Papers I got a couple of weeks ago.

I outlined with a White Pentel Hybrid Gel Pen. That pen is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Scrapbooking Supplies: Grab Box

I've lately been obsessed with browsing the scrapbooking tag on Instagram (as well as other things, i.e filofax, studio calicio, letterpress). While on there I came across some supplies for sale in the UK which is quite rare! A lot of the stuff are all for sale in the US. Cat from Decision Inspired has some grab boxes for sale. They were things she didn't use any more, they all looked really pretty so I decided to buy one!

I was so amazed, I felt like a kid at Christmas! There were so many cool things in it. My favourite has to hands down be the POW Glitter Paper. There's a chance I might not even use it because it's too cool. I might just stick it up in the sun so I can stare at the prettiness all day.

So pretty!! I can't wait to get to using some of the things!!

Craft Day with Josie Makes

Yesterday, the weather was horrible and rainy and windy! It feels like summer is truly over. Josie and I have been talking about having cosy days in and just doing craft stuff. Yesterday was the perfect day for one of our cosy nights in. It was a long time due and there will be many more!!

I've been really into my scrapbooking so I spent the day colouring papers to use in my scrapbook and just general doodling for ideas.

Josie is a jewellery maker among lots of other things and she's so amazing at stitching! Here's some of the stuff she can make, and she does custom orders and has some for sale at her Folksy. You should defo check them out, it's perfect birthday presents and Christmas presents. 

We love craft books!! Here is just a selection of the craft books we perused. They're just so pretty!!

And of course, how can you have a craft day without cake and other yumables?! 

Next craft day will have to be sooninsh, because they're just tooo great. How can anyone not like sitting around and doing craft stuff, having nice chats, coming up with hilarious names for stuff, brainstorming and eating?

Colchester Zoo: The Actual Animals!

These are my favourite pics from the day :)

Colchester Zoo 50th Anniversary!

There have been on going celebrations at Colchester Zoo, as it marks it's 50th anniversary. All around Essex, there have been painted giraffe sculptures to help commemorate this awesome zoo. At the end, all the sculptures were placed at the zoo, the first time they've all been together, for a really nice exhibition.

The artists that have painted them, are truly talented and there are even some that were sent to various school in Essex, and have been painted by the children. They are truly magnificent.

If you want to see the giraffes, some of them will be on show around Tower Bridge, along the Thames from now until the 16th Sept.