Geneva: Day 1

Hello Friends! I've been in Geneva, Switzerland for the past week and a bit. In the time before that, I was busy trying to sort things out for the holiday and the few days after, I've been busy working and catching up with people. Now it's time to catch up with you.

Geneva was so lovely, it's definitely one of my favourite places that I've visited before. I took over 800 photos, which I've been trying to sort through, but there's just so many! It's taking me ages. I decided to take it day by day and post the photos like that, because then it would be less overwhelming to deal with. Also, it will be less stressful for your eyes, seeing a million pictures in one go.

Trams are amazingly quick and easy. I wish we had trams here.

My friend Sabeehah made us this cute welcome sign to hold up at the airport!

My sister and Louqmaan, smiles all around.

Guys with really cool instruments, playing really cool music. 

I love that the water at the lake is super clear on most days. It's just pretty and cool.

Louqmaan saying he wants to go home! We did do quite a bit of walking then.

Sweets from Candy Crush Saga in real life!! We maybe go a little too excited about this.

Sexy cars, all around the place! 

So. Much. Cheeeeese!

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