Review: KUM Memory Point Brushes

The lovely people at Cult Pens chose me to do a review of the new brushes by KUM. When the brushes arrived, I was really pleased with how they felt and couldn't wait to get started with them. I've never done brush Calligraphy before so I needed to do a bit of practising. I was so majorly excited! 

I'm not normally a painter, but I've been looking at so many different calligraphy styles and always thought brush calligraphy was so lovely. It is hard to do, and there really is a certain knack one has to acquire to pull it off. It was recommended that these brushes be used with water colour, gouache, acrylic, glass and silk paint. I decided to use Gouache paint because I could make the colour more intense, but still have it quite watery.

 I was pleasantly surprised by how swiftly it flowed over the paper (almost too swiftly!). It made it a little harder to control, so my first attempts were a bit wobbly! (It looks like my 10 year old sister did that!) 

 I did get used to it though, and it felt really nice to work with them. The paint brush picks the paint up really well and it's just such a pleasure to work with them. 

I still need a little more practise with brush control. 

The brushes are easy to clean too. Some brushes I've used for other work get paint stuck on the bristles, but that wasn't the case with these ones. The brushes are very light, so it's possible to not feel strained if working with them for a long time. They feel very comfortable. I love that none of the bristles fell out, because nothing annoys me more than a brush that does that! It's all very well made. They also aesthetically pleasing with the cream pearly shine handles. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with them. I still need more practise working with them, but I like them a lot. They're good quality and I would definitely buy them for future works. If you're an artist who does a lot of painting, I would definitely recommend these. 

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