DIY Time!

The sun was shining and it was finally a chance for me to do one of the projects that I've been needing summer to do! I feel more in the mood to do the big craft projects, when I can stand outside to do it. The sun was out in full force today and it was lovely and warm. So I decided to paint a mirror!

This is what it looked like before. It was wooden with some dated flowers painted around the edges. Someone gave it to me because they were going to throw it out, and I needed a mirror for my bathroom, but this didn't really fit in with the decor so I took it on with the hopes of repainting it.

I went to the DIY shop to buy some supplies! Primer/Undercoat is really expensive, but I figured I didn't really need it because I was sanding this down anyway.

Sand sand! Until it's all smooth and dust off the excess bits.

Look at how pretty the silver paint was when I was  mixing it. It was one of the prettiest things I've ever seen! I almost didn't want to stir it properly because it looked so cool.

These are some after pictures. I waited for it to dry and then sanded it and did a second coat. I'm waiting for it to dry and then I'll sand it again. Then I'll put it up. I'll put more pictures up once it's completely done.

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