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I recently went to The British Library and I was genuinely amazed by all of it. Why have I never been there before!? I went to visit a friend but also to catch a Propaganda exhibition because I've been obsessed with poster art and propaganda since I was at school. When I stepped onto the outside area, I was amazed because it just had a really cool feel to it, like a university campus of a cool, on trend university! Then I walked inside, it was so big and spacious and I loved it!

I need to go again so that I can look around at the books and other stuff. I went into the shop and there were so many books I wanted. I was like "I need all of you!! If I had money right now, you would all be mine!!!" I was getting far too excited. 

When I was walking outside with my friend so we could catch up, I noticed a book on one of the seats outside the museum. When I approached it, it said "This book is free to whomever finds it"! I was so happy! I found it and discovered that it was a bookcrossing book that has been released into the wild and was now mine to read and then pass on! bookcrossing is such a good idea and I'm glad that people out there are finding books and sharing them. You should check out the website, and you can also go hunting for books that people have released into the wild. There are little clues to follow until you reach your new book! 

 I'm excited to read it, and I will probably leave it in Switzerland for someone else to find!

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